Annika Kakko is a microblading practitioner and artist. She has received SharpBrows Artist diploma by completing a personal class with SharpBrows master Siiri Tabri. Due to her excellent work-ethics, determination and the attitude of constant and never-ending improvement, she was also awarded the first SharpBrows Active Practitioner diploma in Finland.

SharpBrows Active Practitioner Diploma awarded to Annika Kakko.

SharpBrows Active Practitioner Diploma awarded to Annika Kakkp for her excellent work.

Annika Kakko has been certified by SharpBrows master and trainer Siiri Tabri

Annika is one of the most passionate and driven young microblading artists I have ever encountered. It was a privilege to train her. She was open to everything and just took it all in. She believed in herself, started right after the class and has never looked back... the rest is history. The best of luck with KakkoBrows. A really good example of how microblading can change lives.
— Siiri Tabri, SharpBrows microblading trainer